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ZooZoo ZooZoo. How may we help you?

In the beginning of this year’s IPL, I found zoozoos to be not funny anymore. i was not sure. There were still some of them which made people laugh but as the tournament progressed zoozoos did become a sort of predictable and a non anticipated property. First year was great. There were close to 3.5 lakh zoozoo fans on facebook and each one indulging themselves in various applications like ‘what zoo are you’. Even if you hated them in the first year you just could not ignore them. However this year those who hate them are ignoring them. This year there have been just around 1 lakh additions to the fan base in facebook. The storyline hasn’t been strong in a lot of them and some are not that clear too. The ads were predictable and had too many noisy characters.

So, what should have Vodafone done?

There are two things that I thought they should have done.

  1. Bring back the pug


Pug was an equally loved and adored concept

Refreshing change from the egg head characters, would have taken out the familiarity and sense of repetitiveness that we have become accustomed to with zoozoos

Would have built up an anticipative atmosphere for zoozoos to return in next years IPL

Fresher and more real looking ideas could have been developed around the pug rather than the zoozoo

Pug themes are more easily understood than the zoozoo ones

2. A set of zoozoo commercials in a story format

As in, say they have 25 different commercials for IPL3. Create all the commercials in such a way that they are connected to the previous ones. Weave an interesting story in such a way that after every commercial one of their VAS is also revealed through the story. Yeah I know might be said easier than done but that is something worth trying out.


The spinoff from this strategy could be involving users to make their own storylines and submit them.

Guess what happens to the zoozoo kind of contests, Which is your favorite zoozoo themes

This concept could have lifted the zoozoo closer to the audience by building specific characters like the moma zoozoo, the kid zoozoo, teen zoozoo. It just gives more depth to the entire strategy. This could even be extended to the merchandising too.

Like last year, ads could have first been shown in Facebook and this could have led to building up of a following that would have been more interactive

P.S: On hindsight, everyone is a genius.


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IPL 2010 and advertising

IPL has been a sort of a SuperBowl equivalent of an yearly bonanza for the Indian media and entertainment section. If you get noticed during IPL then you have arrived. If you search in YouTube for IPL ads you have the zoozoo’s popping all over. A great success for the vodafone team simply because of the unaided recall that they are being able to generate.

There was an interesting innovation visible in this years IPL, the ten second main screen ads that play in between the overs, while you are glued to the game and not channel surfing. It has been the most remarkable contribution to advertising in cricket by this years IPL. A clever innovation to break clutter – create your own space. People just dont have the option of switching the channels because its just ten seconds and is in between a match. Karbon, Micromax and Munch have used the service. I should say that Micromax and Karbon have more than had a remarkable run in creating awareness albeit at a high price but no kind of BTL activities would have lent these brands an air of being accepted as they are slowly getting.

One smart thing that Micromax did was it connected itself with something known all the time while advertising. This created a sense of ease and familiarity among the viewers and hence had a lesser entry barrier into their minds. For eg: the positioning as the FaceBook mobile. People know what FaceBook is all about and hence were subconsciously accepting the brand entry into the mind because it could cling on to a part of augmented memory of the brain i.e. to the FB link. Similarly, now they have connected it through Akshay Kumar. Although I am not a big fan of celebrity marketing but till now it seems to work for Micromax.

Another boon for the advertisers of the IPL came the partnership of youtube and IPL. It gave them extra eyeballs and somewhere along the line people are still comfortable with the same kind of advertising on youtube as on tv and do not switch in between the ads. Probably because of its novelty in the Indian markets. The level of resistance has not built up.

Even if they do they would go to a facebook page or check mails and the audio of the commercial still plays behind. Something that advertisers would be more than happy to contend with. Rather than cancelling out the ad totally by surfing channels here atleast the audience is subject to some kind of exposure.

I even liked a couple of Axe commercials,one of my favorite brands, in today’s match. Not because they were great and are cannes material, far from it, but the fact that it exploited what Axe stands for in ten seconds and got the message right across and amused the viewer a little bit. They were badly directed but the idea went straight through and the fact that they connected it to cricket further lowered the barrier to resist the commercial. The Axe effect!

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R.O.I of Advertising

Watch the videos, First!

Hope you enjoyed the series of war of the sexes in advertising.

First of all, there are three things by which you can judge an ad. Relevance, Originality and Impact (forgot the advertising agency that devised this concept). All three are self explanatory as in, the relevance the ad has in your life, the originality of the concept and does it have an impact on the viewer.

Its not necessary that the ad should have all three components. It is not a watertight compartment. If you see the ZooZoo ads, they were high on originality and to some extent in impact but not a high scorer in relevance.

There were 3 things that worked for Vodafone that time

  1. ZooZoo’s became a brand in itself and hence creating a good amount of recall in the prospects mind
  2. Shoddy advertising by Airtel which faced creative bankruptcy at that point of time. The series of boringly romantic moments between Madhavan- Vidya Balan that went on like an over stretched rubberband. Snap!
  3. Vodafone did not allow the zoozoos to slip from their peak by changing their ads frequently yo as much as 27 during a month and a half

All these reasons kept apart, I honestly doubt, if that made a person get a Vodafone connection. Recall, fine. But in the end did it turn it into a sale? Doubtful. They had the originality, the impact but where was the relevance? And to me until and unless your advertisement does not sell the product, directly or indirectly, it has failed in its purpose.

Hence I come to my point that, relevance is the most crucial factor in an advertisement. There are  5 reasons why I say so

  1. You connect with your audience that second itself
  2. If you notice, ads that are relevant would always cost much lesser than ads high on originality and impact. You dont have to hire a Tiger Woods who goes around crashing his Escalade around the trees
  3. Relevant ads follow the K.I.S.S formula of “Keeping It Simple Stupid!”
  4. The fact that, it is much easier to have consistency in your communication, if your advertisement is relevant, one can catch on to the same set of themes. For eg: The Dodge  Charger theme of Oppresses men.
  5. Ads that are relevant don’t exactly need any brand endorser too because relevant ads will be around you and me and in simple insights that light up your mind making you think, ‘How true?’

Have a look at the Google SuperBowl 2010 ad:

How relevant was it? I would say, extremely relevant. We all Google like that, don’t we? Although, it is debatable if Google actually had to spoon out $5 million for the spot in Superbowl. And just imagine the cost it would have incurred to make such an ad. On the other hand, take the new ad for Yahoo’s ‘Its You’ campaign, they dished out more money and the results are not that certain, neither is the campaign worth remembering.

Well, you can always argue stating the fact that there are so many ads that are not relevant but still very memorable. For eg: The famous Honda accord ad. But.. the beauty of being relevant is that it allows you to carry forward a conversation with the other end and in todays tech enabled marketing environment every brand looks forward to indulge with the audience and try creating a conversation. An ad might be highly original and impactful and you might say a ‘Wow’ but if it stops there, an opportunity is lost.

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Which ZooZoo ad did you like the most?



ZooZoo fever still has not abated, I believe. Why? Because the website results show that the maximum searched word to find my posts had something related to ZooZoo. Why not put another interesting post, I thought. I think, therefore I am…a fool!

So, 29 ads hit the screen during the IPL. Not sure if when we will see ZooZoo next. My sympathies especially to girls who find them “sooo cutteeee!!! ” and the ZooZoo fans on FaceBook and just about everyone who is in love with ZooZoo.

I thought why not rate them? Not a bad idea. But 29 ads! Hence I thought of a small mechanism that just makes my life easier. It is no great concept, unfact it is pathetic. But it has helped me piece this post up and it might help you also if you wish.

The steps are as follows

ZooZoo emoticons..After all they are humans too!

ZooZoo emoticons..After all they are humans too!

Following link gives you the 29 Vodafone ZooZoo ads released and their titles according to the vodafone website. or go to afaqs if you dont want to download the ZooZoo ads.

Step No 1 – Copy the 29 titles on MS- Word or write it if you feel like. No issues.

Step No 2 – Mark the ad as Y,N or D. And DO NOT WATCH THE ADS NOW! Its OK if we dont know a couple of them. Lets be honest once in a while. Now, these are the,..uhh.. whatever you call them. Lets say codes!

Y – Yes, I remember the ad. Yeah man! I am good at remembering atleast this.

N- No, I dont remember the ad! How could I forget it! How uncool!

D- Dont exactly remember the ad. I have it in the tip of my brain but cant figure it out. Confused!

Step No 3 – You will have three categories of Y,D and N.

Group them. I guess you did not get it! Dimwit! Group all they Y’s, D’s and N’s together. Remember Birds of a feather flock together.

Step No 4 – This is where you have to wreck your brains more than you thought while getting a valentines gift.

Each ad in the Y category can get 3,4 or 5 points, based on how much you liked the idea.

Each ad in the D category can get only 1 or 2 points based on your re-checking the ad and the preference for them.

Each ad in the N category(Sorry people, hold your breath together!) gets no point! i.e. Zero. C’mon if you

And the winner Vodafone ZooZoo is..

And the winner Vodafone ZooZoo is..

dont remember then it doesnt deserve to get any marks. This might be the ony chance you will ever get to play a teacher and oppress rather than feeling oppressed. What goes around comes around.

Got the hang of it?

Note : A little change of rule, let a little bias creep in. You can rate one of the ads in Y or D category with the maximum i.e 5 marks or the minimum i.e 1 marks ( What? You want to give zero? C’mon, have some mercy on those cute empty headed egg face creatures.)

Step No 5 –  Now you have rated all the ads and now categorize them again! Hold on dont lose patience now! Put all the 5’s together, 4’s ,3’s and so on.

Step No 6 – Now what? Now you are the King… or the queen too (scared of feminists these days!). Time to tell me to screw off and say that you know enough to carry on. Way to go!

Rank the similar marks ones according to what you prefer or enjoyed the most. Hey no motherly love here! No giving of same rank to two. And in the end tada! You have your list of 29 ads and their rankings. Feel good about yourself. Man! You are clever. Keep visiting.

Here are my verdict (Verdict!!)on the Vodafone ZooZoo ads.

  1. Stock Alerts                                                 (Y, 5)
  2. International Roaming                               (Y, 5)
  3. Fashion Tips                                                (Y, 5)
  4. Beauty Alerts                                              (Y, 5)
  5. Exam Results                                              (Y, 4)
  6. Group Sms                                                  (Y, 4)
  7. Star Of The Match 2                                  (Y, 4)
  8. Bhakti Sagar                                                (Y, 4)
  9. Call Divert                                                   (Y, 4)
  10. Facebook                                                     (Y, 4)
  11. Background Music                                     (Y, 3)
  12. Magic Box 2                                                (Y, 3)
  13. Busy Message                                             (Y, 3)
  14. Cricket Commentary                                (Y, 3)
  15. Musical Greetings                                      (Y, 3)
  16. Torch Magic Box                                        (Y, 3)
  17. Chotta Credit                                              (Y, 3)
  18. Vodaofne Phone Backup                           (Y, 3)
  19. Star Of The Match                                    (D, 2)
  20. Cricket Alerts                                            (D, 2)
  21. Magic Box                                                   (D, 2)
  22. Love Guru                                                  (D, 2)
  23. Call Filter                                                    (D, 2)
  24. Voice Sms                                                   (N, O)
  25. Maps                                                            (N, O)
  26. Recharge Online                                        (N, O)
  27. Ringtones                                                     (N, O)
  28. Email On Vodafone                                   (N, O)
  29. Games                                                          (Y, 1)

Let me know yours too. Atleast the top 5! or the bottom 5! I am not a snob! Suggestions to refine the rankings are welcome!


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The Marketers Dilemma : The Screenager.

Technology Swamped 


Technology Swamped


The mobile rings, you wake up. Check up on the overnight emails and reply. Time for office. You listen to music on the ipod while travelling. Tweet and network in between through your smartphone. Reach office and your computer accompanies you the whole day. You comeback home and there is your PC, ipod, smartphones, televisions, PlayStation etc.

Welcome to the age of  Screenagers. This is what the Economic Times pointed to in their recent Brand Equity article

Marketer’s Dilemma

Screenagers dont have enough attention span to grasp the ad message as they have too much to do in too little time. It is like solving a Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Web2.o is a boon to reach your target audience. But what Is the use if most internet ads face the fate of a spam.

What can a marketer do?

We have entered into a very important demographical phase where the youth are the majority, atleast in India. There is a barrage of information under which the screenager is buried all the time. The screenager, totally time strappedsneaks in every minute possible to network, tweet and update themselves.Smartphones and netbooks have just taken it to another level.

Catch them in their addiction itself. Reach them on their screens with interesting, short content. No matter how interesting you might be the screenager has enough tools to ignore you and bookmark you.

Managing overload

Managing Overload

Out-door advertising will gain importance. The attention deficit, youth suffer from has to be supplanted by Outdoor media. Here again the golden rule is simplicity, tell only what the screenager wants. Remember the screenager is smart enough. Anything cluttered and he/she wont bother much. The outdoor media should lead the screenager to some form of screens.Websites or Phones.The new axe OOH ads have had a home run in that respect. Simply outstanding. If that can be done then your advertisement has managed to get ahead.

Agreed, Web2.0 is important but dont just leash out on the web, thinking that your ads will reach millions of people.A million people concept is a double edged sword.Carefully  analyze, where you want your ad placed. Empathize and avoid any internet marketing mistakes.

During recessionary times characterized by low purchases, Make your ads talk less and connect more. Screenager is intelligent enough to understand that Deepika Padukone uses orbit everyday rather than her having to tell that orbit is her personal dental specialist. Stupid ad. The age of star testimony is over.

Clear Mesaage

Clear Mesaage

Reach them when they are more relaxed. Capture the screenager for undivided 5 seconds, and you will be looked up on the web. Again in this respect OOH advertisements play a great role.Fantastic insight by Axe again. Read more.

Consumers now want a dialogue with a brand and nothing promotes it better than regularly updated blogs, a great pulse.

Thematic ads will be the way to go, with other sub ads under them. The recall value will no longer follow the old formula of dragging the same ad for a month. More short ads in a month is better than one big ad.

Web 2.0 is all about interaction and if you dont interact with the screenager, he/she flips and surfs over you.


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Why ‘A’ ZooZoo is better than ‘The’ SRK.

Love alertsThe Vodafone Zoozoos shot 30 ads in ten days.Do I even need to talk about SRK here?

Zoozoos have no tantrums.We know how unfussy the  Brand ambassadors would be.

People did not have to wreck their brains to understand why the Zoozoo ad was made.I just feel sad for us, who see SRK ads.What a waste of time and ad space.

Zoozoo comes, People smile even after the ads, yearn for more. SRK ad comes and people play the zoozoo commercials buffering on Youtube.

A Zoozoo wont advertise for Airtel.SRK surely will go to Coke(sprite) and thats when you realise that his deal with Pepsi is over.Too old for Youngistaan? Well he surely takes “Seedhi baat, baaki all bakwaas” to his heart.Clear hai?Not clear.

Zoozoos make us feel that life is simple.SRK ads make me wonder if engine power is proportional to mileage or not? What the heck.

The first thing that strikes when you think of Zoozoo is Vodafone. SRK, I can think of Emami,Himani,Hyundai,Tagheur ,Pepsi (correction : Coke) and others that I dont bother to recollect.Then why did the other companies hire him if I cant remember his ads nor care for what he sells?

A Zoozoo does not charge close to 5 crores per 3 day shoot,a very minimalistic approximate.Infact 30 zoozoo ads were done in 10 days for 3 crores.But we certainly know someone whose crore figures are more than days per shoot.

A Zoozoo will not make you change the channel.CricketNeither will SRK , not worth that effort for an SRK ad, anyways, he will be there in other channels too.

Zoozoo does not need to say anything.Even the incoherent mumblings are pretty effective.Well, SRKs effective speech is as good as incoherent mumblings.Buy Belmonte,Buy Emami, Buy Hyundai.You just wish that he shuts up.Well, he does.The only ad he keeps quiet is for Tagheur and because it is a print ad.ZoozOO

They dont make the Zoozoo talk.They have to make SRK talk, squeeze out every ounce of money they spent.That again is not worth it.

Zoozoos are on-screen for 30 seconds and the message is conveyed.SRK is on-screen for one , one and a half minute and the message just gets lost while he keeps on turning and zipping Santro and other Hyundai toys in the ads.

Vodafone’s, Zoozoo won millions of hearts, this IPL.SRK’s Kolkata Knight Riders won one game.

And the last one, Zoozoo’s can be many but there can be only one SRK!


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