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Which ZooZoo ad did you like the most?



ZooZoo fever still has not abated, I believe. Why? Because the website results show that the maximum searched word to find my posts had something related to ZooZoo. Why not put another interesting post, I thought. I think, therefore I am…a fool!

So, 29 ads hit the screen during the IPL. Not sure if when we will see ZooZoo next. My sympathies especially to girls who find them “sooo cutteeee!!! ” and the ZooZoo fans on FaceBook and just about everyone who is in love with ZooZoo.

I thought why not rate them? Not a bad idea. But 29 ads! Hence I thought of a small mechanism that just makes my life easier. It is no great concept, unfact it is pathetic. But it has helped me piece this post up and it might help you also if you wish.

The steps are as follows

ZooZoo emoticons..After all they are humans too!

ZooZoo emoticons..After all they are humans too!

Following link gives you the 29 Vodafone ZooZoo ads released and their titles according to the vodafone website. or go to afaqs if you dont want to download the ZooZoo ads.

Step No 1 – Copy the 29 titles on MS- Word or write it if you feel like. No issues.

Step No 2 – Mark the ad as Y,N or D. And DO NOT WATCH THE ADS NOW! Its OK if we dont know a couple of them. Lets be honest once in a while. Now, these are the,..uhh.. whatever you call them. Lets say codes!

Y – Yes, I remember the ad. Yeah man! I am good at remembering atleast this.

N- No, I dont remember the ad! How could I forget it! How uncool!

D- Dont exactly remember the ad. I have it in the tip of my brain but cant figure it out. Confused!

Step No 3 – You will have three categories of Y,D and N.

Group them. I guess you did not get it! Dimwit! Group all they Y’s, D’s and N’s together. Remember Birds of a feather flock together.

Step No 4 – This is where you have to wreck your brains more than you thought while getting a valentines gift.

Each ad in the Y category can get 3,4 or 5 points, based on how much you liked the idea.

Each ad in the D category can get only 1 or 2 points based on your re-checking the ad and the preference for them.

Each ad in the N category(Sorry people, hold your breath together!) gets no point! i.e. Zero. C’mon if you

And the winner Vodafone ZooZoo is..

And the winner Vodafone ZooZoo is..

dont remember then it doesnt deserve to get any marks. This might be the ony chance you will ever get to play a teacher and oppress rather than feeling oppressed. What goes around comes around.

Got the hang of it?

Note : A little change of rule, let a little bias creep in. You can rate one of the ads in Y or D category with the maximum i.e 5 marks or the minimum i.e 1 marks ( What? You want to give zero? C’mon, have some mercy on those cute empty headed egg face creatures.)

Step No 5 –  Now you have rated all the ads and now categorize them again! Hold on dont lose patience now! Put all the 5’s together, 4’s ,3’s and so on.

Step No 6 – Now what? Now you are the King… or the queen too (scared of feminists these days!). Time to tell me to screw off and say that you know enough to carry on. Way to go!

Rank the similar marks ones according to what you prefer or enjoyed the most. Hey no motherly love here! No giving of same rank to two. And in the end tada! You have your list of 29 ads and their rankings. Feel good about yourself. Man! You are clever. Keep visiting.

Here are my verdict (Verdict!!)on the Vodafone ZooZoo ads.

  1. Stock Alerts                                                 (Y, 5)
  2. International Roaming                               (Y, 5)
  3. Fashion Tips                                                (Y, 5)
  4. Beauty Alerts                                              (Y, 5)
  5. Exam Results                                              (Y, 4)
  6. Group Sms                                                  (Y, 4)
  7. Star Of The Match 2                                  (Y, 4)
  8. Bhakti Sagar                                                (Y, 4)
  9. Call Divert                                                   (Y, 4)
  10. Facebook                                                     (Y, 4)
  11. Background Music                                     (Y, 3)
  12. Magic Box 2                                                (Y, 3)
  13. Busy Message                                             (Y, 3)
  14. Cricket Commentary                                (Y, 3)
  15. Musical Greetings                                      (Y, 3)
  16. Torch Magic Box                                        (Y, 3)
  17. Chotta Credit                                              (Y, 3)
  18. Vodaofne Phone Backup                           (Y, 3)
  19. Star Of The Match                                    (D, 2)
  20. Cricket Alerts                                            (D, 2)
  21. Magic Box                                                   (D, 2)
  22. Love Guru                                                  (D, 2)
  23. Call Filter                                                    (D, 2)
  24. Voice Sms                                                   (N, O)
  25. Maps                                                            (N, O)
  26. Recharge Online                                        (N, O)
  27. Ringtones                                                     (N, O)
  28. Email On Vodafone                                   (N, O)
  29. Games                                                          (Y, 1)

Let me know yours too. Atleast the top 5! or the bottom 5! I am not a snob! Suggestions to refine the rankings are welcome!



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Brand Endorsements, Star Testimonials (1)


Celebrity endorsements: It was all fine then..

Celebrity endorsements: It was all fine then..

Indians first had a dash of celebrity endorsement when cricket got transformed from dull white to Kerry packers pyjama cricket. Farooq Engineer was roped in by Sara lee’s Brylcreem . Soon Srinivas Venkataraghavan started endorsing  Philips bicycle and  Nescafe, Erapalli Prasanna ,Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi  also followed .


A celebrity does wonders to the brand. Celebrity presence gets you the eyeballs irrespective of the ad quality and there is instant recall whenever you see the brand or the endorsee. The product gets that vital endorsee push that incentivizes the early adopters to try the product. The belief in the product is much higher than a non-endorsed product. If SRK is endorsing it, then it has to be good, goes the saying. There is always an informal buzz going around. Controversies help too.

Is that really everything? Is there more to Celebrity endorsements? Yes there is.

Brand endorsements are overpaid and uneconomical. There was a time when star testimony could do wonders to the image of the brand. Sachin said “boost is the secret of my energy” and boost was there at my home. Those times are over. Majority of the people now, do not get influenced by a brand endorsement. Those times TV had a special charm being the only entertainment source and anything broadcasted on the television caught attention.But the screenag era is different.

 The common defense for brand endorsements are that it automatically translates into wider reach and recall is more than a normal ad. But what is the use if there is reach but no impact? A smaller viewer base does not necessarily mean that the impact is less. Impact of an ad over a period of time shapes the future recall. Sustained  impact is the most important aspect. Vodafones  ZooZoo have succeeded in doing that. Fa has roped in Bipasha Basu as their brand ambassador but who do you think will impact more? Fa advertisements or axe adverts that do not rely on a celeb strength but highlight the product usp of naughtiness. Even when they used a celeb, Ben Affleck  for axe click they made sure that he was not bigger than the theme.Infact he was nowhere close to distracting. That is the way to go.


Brand endorsements : They are all the same.

Brand endorsements : They are all the same.

The problem with brand endorsements is that the endorser often becomes larger than the brand. The ads are woven around the brand ambassador rather than the endorser being a part of the ad. Many advertisements simply have been low on creative quotient. Their impact is just orgasmic. Lasts for a few seconds and forgotten. Many times, the brand image plummets along with the star. Sreesanth is a great example for the same. He endorsed a well known group called Muthoot. Now people laugh at them for having him represent the group. Brylcreem too have Sreesanth and whenever the ad comes people are busy telling how stupid he is rather than remembering the brand.


However, its not the end  for the brand endorsers . Beauty products still need brand endorsements. The same goes for sports goods also. Infact while writing this post in between itself I have realized that it is not that they have become impotent but the fact that brand endorsements need to get a change, provided that they will still be there in some form or the other. One is bored with the audience  being taken for granted. The lack of creative flow is passed on to the audience with a celeb sewn on to a tattering script. Nike and Adidas break the clutter and are hence noticed.


Brand Endorsers ripping money?

Brand Endorsers ripping money?

Better than spending on brand ambassadors it is much more fruitful to hire a powerful creative agency that could provide you with an excellent theme that resonates with your product. In fact, a brand can create differentiation just because it is not endorsed by anyone. Winner ads are those that resonate with the target audience.  


Recall the ads that you like. How many of them are Celeb endorsed ?


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