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R.O.I of Advertising

Watch the videos, First!

Hope you enjoyed the series of war of the sexes in advertising.

First of all, there are three things by which you can judge an ad. Relevance, Originality and Impact (forgot the advertising agency that devised this concept). All three are self explanatory as in, the relevance the ad has in your life, the originality of the concept and does it have an impact on the viewer.

Its not necessary that the ad should have all three components. It is not a watertight compartment. If you see the ZooZoo ads, they were high on originality and to some extent in impact but not a high scorer in relevance.

There were 3 things that worked for Vodafone that time

  1. ZooZoo’s became a brand in itself and hence creating a good amount of recall in the prospects mind
  2. Shoddy advertising by Airtel which faced creative bankruptcy at that point of time. The series of boringly romantic moments between Madhavan- Vidya Balan that went on like an over stretched rubberband. Snap!
  3. Vodafone did not allow the zoozoos to slip from their peak by changing their ads frequently yo as much as 27 during a month and a half

All these reasons kept apart, I honestly doubt, if that made a person get a Vodafone connection. Recall, fine. But in the end did it turn it into a sale? Doubtful. They had the originality, the impact but where was the relevance? And to me until and unless your advertisement does not sell the product, directly or indirectly, it has failed in its purpose.

Hence I come to my point that, relevance is the most crucial factor in an advertisement. There are  5 reasons why I say so

  1. You connect with your audience that second itself
  2. If you notice, ads that are relevant would always cost much lesser than ads high on originality and impact. You dont have to hire a Tiger Woods who goes around crashing his Escalade around the trees
  3. Relevant ads follow the K.I.S.S formula of “Keeping It Simple Stupid!”
  4. The fact that, it is much easier to have consistency in your communication, if your advertisement is relevant, one can catch on to the same set of themes. For eg: The Dodge  Charger theme of Oppresses men.
  5. Ads that are relevant don’t exactly need any brand endorser too because relevant ads will be around you and me and in simple insights that light up your mind making you think, ‘How true?’

Have a look at the Google SuperBowl 2010 ad:

How relevant was it? I would say, extremely relevant. We all Google like that, don’t we? Although, it is debatable if Google actually had to spoon out $5 million for the spot in Superbowl. And just imagine the cost it would have incurred to make such an ad. On the other hand, take the new ad for Yahoo’s ‘Its You’ campaign, they dished out more money and the results are not that certain, neither is the campaign worth remembering.

Well, you can always argue stating the fact that there are so many ads that are not relevant but still very memorable. For eg: The famous Honda accord ad. But.. the beauty of being relevant is that it allows you to carry forward a conversation with the other end and in todays tech enabled marketing environment every brand looks forward to indulge with the audience and try creating a conversation. An ad might be highly original and impactful and you might say a ‘Wow’ but if it stops there, an opportunity is lost.


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Why Yahoo is not Y!OU or Me. It is still Yahoo.

 Ok, so Yahoo revamped their website and promise you the best of experiences. The have a 100 million dollar budget and are splashing all across the world with Yahoo its Y!OU campaign. And India alone is supposed to be exposed to 10 million dollar worth of that promotion and a good chunk of the video has India in it.

Yahoo- Its You campaign - India

So is Yahoo going to all set to be ‘You’? Well honestly it is not. I have been seeing the communication for quite a lot of time but I haven’t been persuaded to go and check Yahoo as to what is new about it and if I have been lazy to be stuck with Google then I think there are a lot of people who are.

Well I did check yahoo and there seems to be some change around the corners. The content looks the same but there is a section to your left about favorites from which one can access FaceBook, and other websites that one wants to keep a tab upon. The changes are good and utilitarian but the contention here is about their communication. I did like the campaign and I must say that it has pretty high recall in my mind, I have seen imposing posters on malls and roads showing a normal person whom we might know in our daily life saying “ Internet is under new management, yours!” . But listen! I like the ad and I don’t hate the hoardings either and I agree that Yahoo has become more interactive but what is the use if it can not force me to go to the website to try out the change

I think there was a little bit of self indulgence by OnM and Yahoo when they made the ad. It just speaks about Yahoo and is shot through slick frames and a lot of style. But what they forgot to mention was why you should try Yahoo. Putting several people in a frame dancing, kissing, playing and celebrating does not tell me why I should go to Yahoo. Ok, fine, the internet is under my management and Yahoo is me or infact Y!OU but what more? I don’t understand what Yahoo wants to tell me when it says that you can manage your internet. Too generic. It’s like someone telling you that there is a good product in the market but you don’t know what it exactly is good at. What is Google? It is a search engine. What is Yahoo? Uh..uhmm..well..it has a search engine and shows news also and there is music also and..and..and..IT IS JUST VAGUE! And IT IS NOT ME!

The most important part of any advertisement is that it should sell the product. In today’s world, especially in the internet services segment, none is going to switch to your service until and unless you show them ‘The Reasons’ why they should shift to you. Some proposition where you clearly have an edge over your competitor, either you create it or you create a perception about it, so that people believe that there is a difference as Pablo Picasso remarked ‘Art is the lie that tells the truth’. Create a perception and make people believe that the perception is true.

Why you dont want to be Yahoo. Is it You?

They should have been direct. They should have spoken about the user interface, and the ability to access various apps and accounts through one page. ‘A one page destination to your internet’ should have been the framework for their positioning.

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