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Misogyny at the top.




Waiting for the new semester to start , our college plans to put up parlours for guys and girls.For a well groomed MBA.

Obviously, guys ridiculed the whole idea whereas the girls lapped it up and came out openly in favor of it,to the extent of retorting that “would you like the girls in your college to be hairy?!!”

Whatever happens to that. Something struck me and hence this post .

Earlier we used to have  ads that were conspicuously infamous or probably famous at their times , for their sexist way of projection of women.We are right now in another phase,but a more subtle one.

She will Follow you anywhere

Blow and She will Follow you anywhere

Most of the products that companies make are mostly male centric or lets say not that women centric,consciously or sub consciously. There is a growing realization towards targeting more female consumers but somehow, Companies  still seem to be stuck up to the idea of anything pink being feminine. Women are treated more as a niche segment than a general opportunity segment. Marketing for women does not seems to bother much  marketers , its more of a final resort when the product runs out of fuel, some marketing guru in his pyjamas sitting in Bahamas with a blackberry gives the idea to pink the product and probably trim it down a little bit and remarket it to women. Basically, women consumers are not the core in most product developments. Hence, most of the unisex products probably mean that men can use it for sure and women could try it out too. We all know the non responsiveness of touch pads to long finger nails,which giants forgot to notice.

Women might still love the product,the product might be doing well too, as it delivers as per their expectations but wont it be better if that extra mile is ridden and you deliver beyond expectation,”stereotyped expectations”? It results in value creation.  It provides companies with a great framework to position themselves. Read Lei chairs. OPPURTUNITY!OPPORTUNITY!(Only in this post will opportunity come twice one after the another)

Pink.What else?

Pink.What else?

Even when the technology companies seem to make a good product they market it horrendously wrong by positioning it as a dumb, trimmed down ,without much fuss ,made especially for women and pink too.Read Della.Now you don’t want to make your prospective customer feel pathetic about being one. The positioning is the key.


During, these recessionary times when , forget creating demand,sustaining demand itself is a huge problem, it is important to bundle aesthetics with utility. Make your customers feel that the product is made solely with them in mind or atleast be more empathetic.

Shopa Shopa
Shopa Shopa

Research states that women influence close to 80% of purchase decisions.Did you hear that?

Customer is certainly a queen now.  


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