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Copenhagen all the way

Copenhagen climate change OOH

Copenhagen 2009 climate change summit

Copenhagen is hot these days with talks of climate change. But as most of us might have seen, there are a series of OOHs that is getting immense publicity these days. The ads present a futuristic picture of world leaders including aged versions of Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and Nicholas Sarkozy among others in 2020 and feature them saying, “I’m sorry. We could have stopped catastrophic climate change…we didn’t.” Copy reads ‘Copenhagen 2009 Act Now – Change The Future.’

The placing could not have been more perfect. They were there bang on outside the airport. None could miss it.

The things that are spot on are

  1. The picture entices you to read the copy and hence draws you into it
  2. The copy talks to you and not the mass, you relate with it better

Greenpeace has generated far more PR for the issue than it could have had it issued press statements. It is being talked about by everyone. The journalists landing at the airport are eager to snap it and mention it in their articles.

There has always been talk of how Publicity is better than advertising. I beg to differ. Publicity is better than advertisement but when both can be combined to result in one another, there cant be a deadly combination. An advertisement that creates publicity is two birds at a shot. Its like, sometimes you just know that your idea is going to get people talk and think. That is the best idea. This was not any top notch advertising agencies idea but an inhouse idea.


Generating an idea for an ad

So are generating ideas easy? Absolutely I think. You just need to know whom you are targeting. If you know that then you definitely know what they would like from your communication. And if your communication entices some emotion out of the target then I would say it was a good effort. Just be sure that you do not lie on the zone of indifference in the mind of your audience.



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