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Brand swamp : not a good thing. apologies.

Last blog, I had written what I felt was good and what a brand needs to do. However in this blog I concede that it was really stupid. It is exactly what a brand doesn’t need to do. The inferences and remarks I had regarding the brand strategies is exactly what a myopic brand manager has. Someone who forsakes the brands image in the long term for a short term blip in profits. Once you start associating with almost anything that you can put your name to, it results in dilution of your brand image. Look at chevrolet.The brand loses the word that it owns in the minds of the customer. It results in good companies but weak brands. And brand strength is what is going to sustain you when you are in a crisis. All these extensions weaken your brand and make it easier for a competitor to attack you. One might argue that Adidas is doing good as far as market share or profits are concerned. But in a market where there are majority of the players are doing the same mistake, the brand that commits lesser mistakes wins. Being around a customer all the time might even lead to “ brand grantedness”, where you take the brand to be granted and the brand becomes generic and the perceived quality falls over a period of time.


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Advertising : Gearing to face changes. Or is it?

First came the production concept, then the product concept, the selling concept and finally, the marketing concept. The concept of caveat emptor  slowly transposed  into caveat venditor where the customer was the king or the queen as my previous post had mentioned.

We are seeing one such gradual transition. From a sellers economy to buyers economy. Something like that is being noticed in the advertisement arena.

Confused For choice: Clutter

Confused For choice: Clutter

Currently, We are in the mercy of the websites  and  advertisers who torture us with their painful creativity. They show what they have made even if we dont want to see it. A sellers economy. Websites have become painful too.All glitterati, flash advertisements and terrible pop-ups.

That might not be the case anymore. We might be slowly transforming or forcing a transformation. An adless entertainment era.

The uninterrupted entertainment experience that a consumer greeds for is resulting in interesting developments. Online  video streaming websites are an example of growing factor of adless entertainment .Hulu being one of them, has all the episodes of major T.V. series. However, recent events have made sure that it does not have more than 5  latest episodes of  certain series’. Same goes for DVR’s like tivo , the next gen T.V that allows you to skip ads ,record TV, online scheduling etc.  Similarly, Replay tv had got itself into  trouble after their  ‘autoskip’ feature for ads had some unfriendly corporate support.Youtube channels is another adless example. I had read an Accenture research article, claiming that a sizeable chunk of viewers were ready to pay extra for adless Programmes. Beware Marketers and admakers.

Ad free Entertainment - TiVo

Ad free Entertainment - TiVo

Are Television ads becoming less relevant day-by-day ? Or is it that the ad quality has fallen down, taking viewers for granted. Radio earlier ensured that an ad would get widespread publicity but then it gradually died out as the target audience was not really responding to the same old radio ad. However, the spike of new spiced up channels promise a better future.

Television presence will continue, but with questionable impact. A  recent example  were the Indian elections. All the hoopla about right and responsibility to vote, didn’t perturb the  Indian youth, much. Although the recall was on the higher side.

The dynamics will change. A future where ad makers will make an ad which will queue the systems and the audience can pick by his/her will , the ad the person wants to watch. The ad companies will be paid by the number of views of the ad , adwords click- style.There might be a third party website that allows readers to use other website pages on their website without any ads. Killer idea!

These were some examples of why advertisement might  become on-demand like many T.V.  programmes. As for the viewer , delightful  forms of ads, to capture his/her attention, will spring up and for the marketer it might be a disguised opportunity. One needs to make impactful ads than just putting a bunch of   scenes loosely interwoven in  30 sec platform.

Break from the clutter : Interactive ads

Break from the clutter : Interactive ads

The next gen ad service, especially TV, would have to be extremely interactive where the ad indulges the audience. More on how it could indulge the audience in coming posts. Please let me know if you have some ideas about the same. Would love to know them.


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And the WordPress wheel rolls..

Hello all. This is Arun Rafi, now on wordpress. 

Why? Too many ideas and a clutter without any proper categorization on blogger. Hopefully Ican do that on WP now.

Purpose of the blog : Oodles of ideas.A lot of people around me. I love going to new places and get a lot of ideas. I get a lot of ideas on a wide array of topics and hence end out making a pot-pourri out of my blog.If i dont post them, then naturally I forget them too.And hence the first in the series of focussed blogs : A blog exclusively on marketing.

So this blog is planned to be one focussed blog solely focussed on Ideas that according to me ,can create a buzz for companies and whomosoever wishing to use it and should be looked into by people. The stress will be on simplicity but on the other hand craziness too but not withstanding the viability.It can be based on anything related to marketing. Probably some of the views might be repetitive but it will always be original.And if not,the source will be  cited.Any interesting marketing concept would be blogged down.

A place where the each and every concept, no matter who has out that up will be questioned , if there is a possibility.

Happy reading to all of you.

Arun Rafi from the hostel room at 12:47 am

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