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IPL 2010 and advertising

IPL has been a sort of a SuperBowl equivalent of an yearly bonanza for the Indian media and entertainment section. If you get noticed during IPL then you have arrived. If you search in YouTube for IPL ads you have the zoozoo’s popping all over. A great success for the vodafone team simply because of the unaided recall that they are being able to generate.

There was an interesting innovation visible in this years IPL, the ten second main screen ads that play in between the overs, while you are glued to the game and not channel surfing. It has been the most remarkable contribution to advertising in cricket by this years IPL. A clever innovation to break clutter – create your own space. People just dont have the option of switching the channels because its just ten seconds and is in between a match. Karbon, Micromax and Munch have used the service. I should say that Micromax and Karbon have more than had a remarkable run in creating awareness albeit at a high price but no kind of BTL activities would have lent these brands an air of being accepted as they are slowly getting.

One smart thing that Micromax did was it connected itself with something known all the time while advertising. This created a sense of ease and familiarity among the viewers and hence had a lesser entry barrier into their minds. For eg: the positioning as the FaceBook mobile. People know what FaceBook is all about and hence were subconsciously accepting the brand entry into the mind because it could cling on to a part of augmented memory of the brain i.e. to the FB link. Similarly, now they have connected it through Akshay Kumar. Although I am not a big fan of celebrity marketing but till now it seems to work for Micromax.

Another boon for the advertisers of the IPL came the partnership of youtube and IPL. It gave them extra eyeballs and somewhere along the line people are still comfortable with the same kind of advertising on youtube as on tv and do not switch in between the ads. Probably because of its novelty in the Indian markets. The level of resistance has not built up.

Even if they do they would go to a facebook page or check mails and the audio of the commercial still plays behind. Something that advertisers would be more than happy to contend with. Rather than cancelling out the ad totally by surfing channels here atleast the audience is subject to some kind of exposure.

I even liked a couple of Axe commercials,one of my favorite brands, in today’s match. Not because they were great and are cannes material, far from it, but the fact that it exploited what Axe stands for in ten seconds and got the message right across and amused the viewer a little bit. They were badly directed but the idea went straight through and the fact that they connected it to cricket further lowered the barrier to resist the commercial. The Axe effect!


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The Marketers Dilemma : The Screenager.

Technology Swamped 


Technology Swamped


The mobile rings, you wake up. Check up on the overnight emails and reply. Time for office. You listen to music on the ipod while travelling. Tweet and network in between through your smartphone. Reach office and your computer accompanies you the whole day. You comeback home and there is your PC, ipod, smartphones, televisions, PlayStation etc.

Welcome to the age of  Screenagers. This is what the Economic Times pointed to in their recent Brand Equity article

Marketer’s Dilemma

Screenagers dont have enough attention span to grasp the ad message as they have too much to do in too little time. It is like solving a Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Web2.o is a boon to reach your target audience. But what Is the use if most internet ads face the fate of a spam.

What can a marketer do?

We have entered into a very important demographical phase where the youth are the majority, atleast in India. There is a barrage of information under which the screenager is buried all the time. The screenager, totally time strappedsneaks in every minute possible to network, tweet and update themselves.Smartphones and netbooks have just taken it to another level.

Catch them in their addiction itself. Reach them on their screens with interesting, short content. No matter how interesting you might be the screenager has enough tools to ignore you and bookmark you.

Managing overload

Managing Overload

Out-door advertising will gain importance. The attention deficit, youth suffer from has to be supplanted by Outdoor media. Here again the golden rule is simplicity, tell only what the screenager wants. Remember the screenager is smart enough. Anything cluttered and he/she wont bother much. The outdoor media should lead the screenager to some form of screens.Websites or Phones.The new axe OOH ads have had a home run in that respect. Simply outstanding. If that can be done then your advertisement has managed to get ahead.

Agreed, Web2.0 is important but dont just leash out on the web, thinking that your ads will reach millions of people.A million people concept is a double edged sword.Carefully  analyze, where you want your ad placed. Empathize and avoid any internet marketing mistakes.

During recessionary times characterized by low purchases, Make your ads talk less and connect more. Screenager is intelligent enough to understand that Deepika Padukone uses orbit everyday rather than her having to tell that orbit is her personal dental specialist. Stupid ad. The age of star testimony is over.

Clear Mesaage

Clear Mesaage

Reach them when they are more relaxed. Capture the screenager for undivided 5 seconds, and you will be looked up on the web. Again in this respect OOH advertisements play a great role.Fantastic insight by Axe again. Read more.

Consumers now want a dialogue with a brand and nothing promotes it better than regularly updated blogs, a great pulse.

Thematic ads will be the way to go, with other sub ads under them. The recall value will no longer follow the old formula of dragging the same ad for a month. More short ads in a month is better than one big ad.

Web 2.0 is all about interaction and if you dont interact with the screenager, he/she flips and surfs over you.


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