Whats your idea of Fun?

I loved the ad the very moment I saw it, not because it is some cannes material or a result of a big creative mental orgasm but because it was clever. Who needs ads which you appreciate for the art and creativity and not the logic, atleast the client does not need so.

I have just started working and hence feel financially independent now. I can buy whatever I want, swipe the plastic all over and not care for a second opinion.  This is exactly where the ad hits bang on the nail with the logic and the connect that it establishes.

Till the time you work, the teenager is mostly dependent on his (no offence girls, their TG is M 15-25, and hence ‘his’) dads money. He might have a part time job but that again is just sufficient to meet his expenses for a nice date on a weekend and the booze and the smokes during the month. Savings are alien.

So now, your friend has bought a bike and you want to buy one too. Or you wanna move out with your friends to a nice apartment with a swimming pool and no restrictions on booze and girls. or you wanna roll some money and buy a car among your friends. or you want to buy nice home theatre or a playstation. or you want brilliant speakers. What do you do?
Ofcourse the monthly pocket money is not enough, neither does the part time job, if any, contribute a lot. So who helps you out? Dad….and there starts your ‘Letters to my dad‘ series ” Listen dad, I have joined a couple of CAT courses and it is really far off from hostel and takes almost two hours to reach to and fro. all my friends live close by and I wanna live with them too, and also i would need some money for a bike so that i can go to college without delay and save time.” A regular follow up with your dad for weeks ensures that you get either one of those after much bargaining. You might not have called your dad for weeks but when you start calling him up every day after college and give him a goodnight message, he knows that you want something and he tries to ignore  your demands (the way it is done in the ad where he fails to acknowledge that his son is clinging on all the time). It makes absolute perfect sense to use the idea of being pullled along with your dad wherever he goes.
Remember in and around 2000, how crazy we were about wallpapers, themes, ringtones, songs, bluetooth and transferable porn? All that was possible because of the device called – Mobile Phone. Enter 2010 and Mobile phones are pretty much shopping products than a specialty product. What has replaced mobiles is another sort of bigger screen and keyboard called a Laptop. and hence Laptops are there among the top 3 desirable things (non living ofcourse) for a young male.
The Other Side

Now lets look it form an Indian dads point of view.

So everyone saw 3 Idiots, remember what Madhavan’s dad presented him when he came to know that he had a job interview and that he was hopeful of getting one? Yes a Laptop!

Now close your eyes and imagine yourself to be a father (oh no, don’t imagine your hot wife as of now). You have three options for your kid, all three would mean ‘FUN’ to him.

1. Bike

2. Playstation/ game consoles

3. Laptop

Which is the one that you would choose? It is obvious isnt it? Where would you see the most VALUE?

Definitely, The One fun thing that your dad will say yes to.

Apart from all this, the end frame where the lenovos are shown is kickass, very eye catchy. After Sony Vaio, that is THE most stylish shot I have noticed of a laptop, and that too without Kareenas stripshow.

It very succesfully reforms lenovo as a young brand..Something that Compaqs , Dells, Acers are not. VAIO is and HP somewhat makes the cut.

The last lenovo commercials were around Saif and the face detection property, the creative was commendable but never gave it a differentiated perception. But this ad without stressing on any of the product feature, manages to create a perception.

What was missing from the ad was a peppy soundtrack that caught your attention, VAIO was bang on with the soundtrack.

Plus, the whole leg catching incident should have been over dramatized. A couple of times I skipped the ad as it was barely interesting enough to catch my attention for the first 3 seconds, the most crucial ones, in the ad. Heres an example of Over Dramatizing by Anchor, to establish a not so unique proposition, but easily the most recallable one in the category.


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