Marketing for the youth.

A recent Mtv study claimed that the Indian youth associate themselves with a brand like a trend and not just a logo.

Marketing for the youth

Marketing for the youth

Man! This provides marketers and producers an enormous opportunity .For any brand to do well or any trend to become a trend as such, one needs great connectors and influencers.You need people who can spread the product around and hence get the word of mouth publicity, which honestly , has not been given its due importance by marketers. Paid form of awareness is taken as a sure shot to glory.Word of mouth can spread across impactfully more than any medium or marketing channel. The rule of 300 can indeed be a great deal if carefully planned. Well its not that we don’t realize the importance but that we cant find a way implement it.


Youth make most of their purchases because of peer group influence and we also have this study that gives us wonderful insights.It says that every two in three Indian youth discuss about a brand and influence each other. The Indian youth once he/she sticks to a brand does favour it for a long time.and hence it is much more easier for brands to make a connection or a bond with their consumer here than in abroad. A recent report, I read had concluded that there was a 74% rise in digital media spend and that is very crucial when you have to reach your consumers.Eventhough this report claimed that tv still plays an important role in the decision factor of a youth. This is the best time to make a connection with them and the word of mouth will take you forward. They will join you in twitter, become a fan on facebook, join your communities. They will talk about your product so much that it will become a market researchers dream and often a nightmare too.ask skoda.

Brand love

Brand love



Anyone who is not using the internet as a possible communication medium is doing a big mistake.The ad companies in the west were surprised by the rise of the internet there and were unprepared.We cant afford to do so.Internet presence just does not mean putting up ads in various portals, that is not even 10% of the job at hand. Large companies can create a web presence without any doubt but the small and medium companies cant do so.There are huge avenues for them in the internet era.Opening up a blog does not require much effort and it reduces the distance to your third party also and is a good channel of communication too.I honestly don’t know if twitter is over hyped or actually effective, it can be used to communicate business developments and come across a wide group of interesting professionals.Linked-in is another such site where one would like to have some presence.Internet is where the future businesses will expand into.


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